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Valencia 100 Series Nylon Classical Guitar (Assorted Sizes/Colours/Orientation)

Valencia 100 Series Nylon Classical Guitar (Assorted Sizes/Colours/Orientation)

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An Excellent First Nylon String Classical Guitar! The Valencia Series 100 is a fully featured, nylon string guitar that’s affordable enough for any guitarist. Its neck scale length allows you to play with true classical finger style. As a result, it is just what you need to develop proper playing technique. Whether you’re a very young player or a little older, the Series 100 range offers a wide choice of instrument sizes. This ensures a correct fit for all players.

Featuring a Linden top, back and sides, Nato neck with two-way truss rod, ebonized Maple fingerboard and bridge. The Valencia Series 100 provides you with a clear and resonant voice.

Available in:

  • 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 size
  • Right-handed & Left-handed (3/4 and 4/4 in Natural Sunburst and Black only)
  • Natural Sunburst, Black, Purple Burst, Blue Burst, Pink Burst, Red Burst and White (in 3/4 and 4/4)
  • Also available with cutaway and/or electric (VPU1 3-Band preamp system with built in tuner)(4/4 and right-handed only) here

This is a brand new item! If you'd like to request a particular model that's out of stock feel free to call us on 07 3392 6888 or email us at, and we can usually add it to our next order!

 Model Orientation Size Colour
VC101 Right 1/4 Natural Sunburst
VC101BK Right 1/4 Black
VC101BUS Right 1/4 Blue Sunburst
VC101PKS Right 1/4 Pink Sunburst
VC101PPS Right 1/4 Purple Sunburst
VC101RDS Right 1/4 Red Sunburst
VC102 Right 1/2 Natural Sunburst
VC102BK Right 1/2 Black
VC102BUS Right 1/2 Blue Sunburst
VC102PKS Right 1/2 Pink Sunburst
VC102PPS Right 1/2 Purple Sunburst
VC102RDS Right 1/2 Red Sunburst
VC103 Right 3/4 Natural Sunburst
VC103BK Right 3/4 Black
VC103BUS Right 3/4 Blue Sunburst
VC103PKS Right 3/4 Pink Sunburst
VC103PPS Right 3/4 Purple Sunburst
VC103RDS Right 3/4 Red Sunburst
VC103WT Right 3/4 White
VC103L Left 3/4 Natural Sunburst
VC103LBK Left 3/4 Black
VC104 Right 4/4 Natural Sunburst
VC104BK Right 4/4 Black
VC104BUS Right 4/4 Blue Sunburst
VC104PKS Right 4/4 Pink Sunburst
VC104PPS Right 4/4 Purple Sunburst
VC104RDS Right 4/4 Red Sunburst
VC104WT Right 4/4 White
VC104L Left 4/4 Natural Sunburst
VC104LBK Left 4/4 Black

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