About Us


We are Southside Guitars: a Guitar Shop like no other. Overflowing with all sorts of musical goodies, all somewhat eccentrically curated by Vince (founder and owner).

Southside Guitars (formerly Southside Secondhand) was established in 2013, back when Vince thought that general second-hand sales was his calling. But alas, miscellaneous computer parts and collectable biscuit tins didn't hit the spot quite like Guitars do.

The shop is home to many unusual instruments and accessories from all over the world (plenty you may never have heard of before). If you're on the hunt for something obscure or left-of-centre, we bet we have something that fits the bill (or at least will be able to point you in the direction of where to find it). The only thing we love more than tasteful dad rock is assisting our customers in finding exactly what they need, so we're looking forward to hopefully meeting you in store soon.

As well as sales, we have on-site technicians who handle everything from a simple restring to pick-up replacements, rewiring, re-fretting and structural repairs.

In-store we have options for Lay-by and Zip-Pay. Ask us for more info!