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Ashton Blue Tongue 50W Combo Tube Amp

Ashton Blue Tongue 50W Combo Tube Amp

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The Ashton Blue Tongue Combo is a versatile piece of equipment, a perfect all rounder  suited for an array of guitar players. This amp features Hi and Low input jacks, has 2 Channels included, extension Speaker Outputs and the opportunity to expand with Effects Loop. Take your tone from crisp and clean, to high gain and grunge with the small but powerful Blue Tongue Amplifier.

The 2 channels included are MEAN with an additional 'Filth' switch, and CLEAN with the opportunity for added 'Crunch', and are easy to flick between from the centre switch. A 3-band EQ (bass, middle, treble) is included in both channels, and the inbuilt Spring Reverb is controllable alongside the Volume under Master controls. The Blue Tongue is wrapped in a deep Blue Vinyl and detailed with Chrome Plated fittings.

Second-hand, in great condition, very minor cosmetic wear and scratches as shown in photos (right front-facing side).

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