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ZVEX Vextron Series Distortron

ZVEX Vextron Series Distortron

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Introducing the ZVEX Effects Vextron Distortron Guitar Effects Pedal - a powerhouse of tone and grit. This pedal is your time machine to the golden age of rock, offering the classic roar of a cranked Marshall JTM-45. Offering multiple sub settings and a high/low gain toggle, it arms you with the flexibility to craft that perfect crunch, no matter the volume. Its impressive touch sensitivity ensures your playing dynamics remain intact, making it a reliable partner for your performances.

Key Features:

  • Part of the coveted Vextron series
  • Designed to emulate the classic tone of a fully-dimmed Marshall JTM-45
  • Multiple sub settings for a wide range of tones
  • High/low gain toggle for versatile sound shaping
  • Exceptional touch sensitivity to capture every nuance of your playing


Second-hand, in good condition with some minor cosmetic wear. No box or power supply included. 

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