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Valencia 200 Hybrid Series Classical Nylon Guitar (Assorted Sizes/Colours/Orientation)

Valencia 200 Hybrid Series Classical Nylon Guitar (Assorted Sizes/Colours/Orientation)

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The Hybrid is especially designed to accommodate the smaller hands of some beginner players. The full size VC204H features a 45mm neck width (at nut) with 650mm (25 5/8”) scale length on a standard size body, while the VC203H has a 42mm nut with 580mm (22 7/8”) scale length on a 3/4 size body.

For superior stability and strength, the necks of these models feature two central, reinforcing strips of amara ebony installed along the entire neck length. All Series 200 models feature an arched back for increased tonal response and projection, a unique attribute amongst guitars in this price range and particularly within all 3/4 size guitars on the market. 

Available in:

  • 3/4 and 4/4 size
  • Right-handed and Left-handed (Antique Natural finish only)
  • Antique Natural and Classic Sunburst

This is a brand new item! If you'd like to request a particular model that's out of stock feel free to call us on 07 3392 6888 or email us at, and we can usually add it to our next order!

 Model Orientation Size Colour
VC203H Right 3/4 Antique Natural
VC203HCSB Right 3/4 Classic Sunburst
VC203HL Left 3/4 Antique Natural
VC204H Right 4/4 Antique Natural
VC204HCSB Right 4/4 Classic Sunburst
VC204HL Left 4/4 Antique Natural
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