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Vahlbruch Spacetime Delay

Vahlbruch Spacetime Delay

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The Vahlbruch SpaceTime is a super-sick hand-made echo pedal that advantageously combines analogue and digital circuits in a unique and interesting way. The SpaceTime delivers beautiful deep, warm sounding tones, it's easy to operate, and offers analogue delay typical self-oscillations at a maximum delay time... putting most old-school pedals to shame. As well as all this, it's large signal-to-noise ratio means the SpaceTime outputs very minimal background-noise which makes it an excellent choice for both recording and live performance.

This particular model is the earlier version of the SpaceTime echo, which is slightly harder to find. This version has a true bypass switch for perfect signal transfer without any tone loss. As well as this, it's supremely well made. This hand-wired bad-boy has NO pcb-mounted jacks, NO PCB-mounted footswitch, and NO pcb-mounted pots! Plate-mounted all round, baby! That shows us that true effort and tender loving care was put into the building process, which makes us love the SpaceTime even more.

The SpaceTime is best suited for many genres including (but not limited to)
indie, alternative, and all types of rock including vintage and surf rock.

Black/grey with a beautiful silver, purple and blue glitter finish for that perfect outer-space vibe!

Secondhand with very minor cosmetic damage. 

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