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Stone Deaf Fig Fumb Paracentric Fuzz Filter

Stone Deaf Fig Fumb Paracentric Fuzz Filter

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The Fig Fumb muff style pedal is a versatile and precise tool that pushes boundaries and unlocks unique playing. With its parametric EQ and bandwidth knobs, it offers unrivaled tone-shaping capabilities that are not typical of similar pedals. It provides enough gain to strip paint off walls while also retaining low-gain subtlety. The Fig Fumb also features a musical noise gate that ensures only the desired sounds are produced. As part of the Stone Deaf drives, it works with the EP-1 expression pedal to deliver fuzzy wah and phaser tones and is also suitable for bass players looking for heavy fuzz (

Second-hand, in great condition with very minor cosmetic wear. No power supply or box included. 

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