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Reverend Volcano Flying V

Reverend Volcano Flying V

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Reverend is an American based guitar company founded in 1997, originally run by Joe Naylor. Reverend grew a reputation for high quality instruments that punch way above their weight in price and quality. You can really tell that was the case with this Volcano Flying-V, with the same tried and true Korina woods three piece through neck construction as the original Gibson Flying-Vs.

Comes equipped with Reverend Special H Humbuckers controlled by a 3-way toggle switch with a volume, tone and bass contour. This allows you to fine tune the pickups to whatever sound you desire, want something a bit brighter and more P-90 sounding? Roll that bass contour down to remove some of the low end and there you go. But with everything maxed out you get this nice clean and smooth humbucker tonality from the guitar. The guitar is also super light considering how big it is due to its Korina Construction. Overall this guitar is a fantastic instrument and is suited for anyone looking for that original Flying V feeling at a reasonable price.

Secondhand, some minor cosmetic damage as shown in photos. 

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