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Red Witch Fuzzgod

Red Witch Fuzzgod

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The Red Witch Fuzzgod is a super diverse Fuzz effects pedal, offering a range of different fuzz tones all the way from a gentle static, to sputtery gain and everything in between. True to its name, it really is the God of Fuzz pedals - as one Reverb user puts it, “Imagine a fuzz sound. The fuzzgod can do it”. The Fuzzgod has creative control knobs, including Volume, Fuzz, Wrath, and Sputter - which all work together to dial up all manner of ragged, squealing destruction. When engaged, the lightning toggle switch doubles your gain, while the Ear Toggle switch boosts your treble frequencies.

This particular Fuzzgod is one of the originals, Red Witch have since released the Fuzzgod ii, iii, and IV all fairly similar with some circuitry tweaks. This pedal is really easy to use, which may surprise you considering the controls aren’t the most intuitive in the world. However, a short trial with the Fuzzgod will prove to you that it’s really difficult to get a bad sound out of this little beast - with so many tonal options and very little room to create a yucky sound you really can’t go wrong. 

The Red Witch Fuzzgod is best suited for genres including Blues, Post-Punk, and all types of Rock.

Secondhand with some cosmetic wear. 

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