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NUX Verdugo Series NGS-6 Amp Academy

NUX Verdugo Series NGS-6 Amp Academy

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The Amp Academy NGS-6 by NUX, A World Class Stompbox Amp Modeler that delivers the sound and feel of classic tube amplifiers in a super-portable enclosure. Boasting an array of applications for use On-Stage, In-Studio and At-Home, plus a host of modelling effects made possible by ChopTones Custom Impulse Responses (IRs).

Toggle between clean and crunch by using the A/B footswitch, and flow through Scenes 1, 2, 3 via the right footswitch. Included are 6 legendary amp models, Vintage (Fender Twin Reverb), Classic (Fender Vibro King), Modern (Mesa Boogie Mark I), Brown (Friedman HBE), Red (Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier), and Iridium (Bogner Uberschall). The Amp Academy is also able to connect to the EFX Mobile App for live tweaking via USB-C, and comes with Insert Y-Cable for Send/Return effects loop.

For On-Stage use, the Amp Academy NGS-6 is adaptable through use of the Pre-effects Input, Send and Return for time based effects such as a Modulation or Delay, a general Line Output, and a DI Out for direct output to mixing consoles or recording devices. For In-Studio use, the DI Out allows you to connect directly to a recording interface without the need for amps or microphones. At-Home the possibilities for experimentation are endless as you can take the On-Stage and In-Studio adaptability, connect out through a monitor or headphones (for silent practice), and play away!

Second-hand, in great condition, some cosmetic wear as shown in photos.

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