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Malekko Spring Chicken Reverb

Malekko Spring Chicken Reverb

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Parent pedal to the tiny Malekko Chicklet, the Spring Chicken Reverb is a minimalist classic sprinkled with character. Featuring Cluck and Dwell control knobs, the Spring Chicken is a powerhouse despite its simplistic style.

The single Cluck control lets you dial up or down the level of bouncing reverb, allowing you to decide how much you give a cluck. The additional Dwell knob to the left gives you control over the depth and decay of each sweet oscillation.

Nestled on the side of this pedal there is also an Expression Out option allowing for hands free control over the parameters of your sound. This version is finished in a sparkle brown with soft blue details and featuring everyone’s favourite Chicken.

Second-hand, in good condition, some minor cosmetic wear. 

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