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KORG DT-10 Tuner Pedal

KORG DT-10 Tuner Pedal

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The KORG DT-10 is a great on-stage tuner for any guitarists or bassists with an incredibly wide tuning range and separate Output and Bypass jacks, allowing for the signal to be either mute when tuning or flow through regardless. The DT-10 has a chrome casing and a soft kick footswitch for ease.

With the ability to specify drop tuning, you can cycle through settings to find the perfect fit:

  • 0: off (standard tuning)
  • 1: one flat (semitone lower)
  • 2: two flats (whole tone lower)
  • 3: three flats (minor third lower)
  • 4: four flats (major third lower)
  • 5: five flats (perfect fourth lower)
  • 6: six flats (tritone lower)
  • 7: seven flats (perfect fifth lower)

Second-hand, in good condition with some minor cosmetic wear. Power supply not included.

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