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Kawai Rock 'n' Roll Star - Metallic Blue

Kawai Rock 'n' Roll Star - Metallic Blue

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Our shop is full of unique and rare guitars, but this one takes the cake when it comes to rarity and uniqueness. The Kawai Rock 'n' Roll stars were produced and manufactured in Japan from the late 70s into the early 80s. With a distinct body from its semi-hollow construction with a sound hole, classical style headstock with an eagle on top and more stars than you would think.

As far as the sound goes it's more of a semi-hollow than a semi-acoustic, we have the original bridge but it’s been replaced with a wilkinsons wrap tail bridge due to the previous one being bent due to string pressure over the years. Also comes with its original humbucker from the factory with a volume and tone control. 

Featured alongside the Kawai A-15 Guitar Amplifier.

Second-hand. Condition wise it’s in pretty great shape, some small and minor scuffs on the back of the guitar but overall pretty spotless for a near 50 year old guitar.

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