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Ernie Ball Axis Capo (Various Colours)

Ernie Ball Axis Capo (Various Colours)

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During focused writing sessions or fast-moving shows, the Axis Capo lets you switch up guitars without breaking your creative flow. Featuring an innovative dual-radius design, this capo fits most every electric and acoustic model in your collection, whether you play six or seven-string, with either a flat or curved fretboard. Wherever your inspiration takes you, only the Axis Capo gives optimal clamping pressure for crisp on-pitch tone, all the way up the neck.

When your songs demand a swift key change, the Axis Capo keeps up. Ergonomic, easy to grip and designed for smooth one-handed operation, no other capo lets you change placement with greater speed or accuracy. Plus, even when you’re moving fast during an inspired performance, the Axis Capo’s precision-moulded rubber pads mean you’ll never scratch or dent your precious instrument’s paint finish.

Choose the Axis Capo and you’ll discover tough and lightweight aluminium construction, designed to thrive in every musical scenario. Meanwhile, with the standard colour options of Black, Silver, Bronze, and Gold now joined by new Rose Gold, Gold Satin, Blue Steel, or Pewter finishes, you can pick out a capo that suits your style and inspires your next song.

Available in:

  • Black P09600
  • Silver P09601
  • Gold P09603
  • Rose Gold P09605
  • Blue Steel P09607
  • White P09616
  • Bronze P09602
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