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Dunlop Jazz III Variety Pack Guitar Picks (6 Pack)

Dunlop Jazz III Variety Pack Guitar Picks (6 Pack)

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First produced in 1977, the nylon Jazz III pick has attracted a growing cult of some of the music industry’s most talented guitar players. What is behind the mystique of this pick? What is it about its shape that’s drawn and inspired so many players? They swear by it. With the Dunlop Jazz III Pick Variety Pack, players of all types can sample our most popular Jazz picks in one convenient package. Each pack contains (6) picks of either the Jazz III or Jazz III XL shape made from a variety of materials, including Tortex, Nylon, and Ultex. Bring your playing to another level and experiment with all the different tones this little 6-pack brings you.

Includes - 

  • 1 x Nylon Jazz III, Red
  • 1 x Ultex Jazz III
  • 1 x Ultex Jazz III XL
  • 1 x Carbon Fiber Nylon Jazz III
  • 1 x Green Tortex Jazz M3
  • 1 x Black Nylon Jazz III XL
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