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Donner Morpher EC742 Distortion

Donner Morpher EC742 Distortion

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Inspired by legendary high gain amp stacksand adding a wide dynamic range, high definition sound, and flexible onboard controls, the Morpher delivers a huge modern high gain distortion sound suitable for both shredding and riffing.

Get those full stack amplifier distortion tones. Maintaining a natural sound, there will be no over-hyped frequencies, no muddy bass, and no excessive mids with this pedal. This high-gain distortion pedal has excellent dynamic response and high signal definition especially suited for lead guitar. There are three function knobs: LEVEL, TONE and GAIN. LEVEL is used to set the distortion volume. TONE is to set the brightness of your tone. GAIN is used to set degree of distortion. There are three distortion models: Natural, Tight, and Classic. 


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