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DOD Envelope Filter 440 - Original Verson

DOD Envelope Filter 440 - Original Verson

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The DOD Envelope Filter 440, as made famous by Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood, particularly for its appearance on "Paranoid Android," is a band-pass filter that can sweep across a large audio range to create a wah-effect without needing a wah pedal or any foot action. Use the Sensitivity control to compensate for different instrument's input levels or the Range control to adjust the lowest frequency the filter returns to upon decay.

Second-hand, in fair condition with some cosmetic wear. 

Photos act as a description and reflection of the item being sold, no power supply or other accessories are included in this product unless otherwise specified. 

Second-hand effects pedals include a 3 month warranty. Any signs of damage caused by misuse or negligence will void warranty. 

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