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Blackstar HT Club 40

Blackstar HT Club 40

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Blackstar's HT-40 is a 40-watt combo amplifier made for the player who needs all the gain of a full stack in the compact shape of a combo. With two gain channels, a 12" Celestion speaker, and plenty of tone-shaping options, this tube amp is most certainly ready to rock.

Explore the Depths of Heavy Gain The HT-40's black demeanor is more than an aesthetic choice -- this amp can rock with the heaviest of them. Its two overdrive channels offer sounds that range from classic rock punch to modern liquid gain. Control the sound with the EQ knobs or the voice switch, which adds gain to the midrange for a smoother and more fluid-sounding distortion.

On the clean side, the amp offers volume and tone knobs in addition to the standard EQ controls. You also have access to a voice switch which changes up the sound from class A to class A/B. the Class A sound is vintage-voiced and approaches overdrive earlier on, while AB offers a modern "boutique" sound with shimmering high end.

Tonal Controls for More Flexibility To add a touch of depth to your sound, engage the HT-40's digital reverb, complete with a light/dark switch on the back panel for extra shaping options. A Blackstar exclusive is the Infinite Shape Feature. Located with the EQ controls, the ISF knob runs from 0 -- an "American" voicing with tight response, to 10 -- a warmer-sounding "British" voicing.

Quality Components for Quality Sound The HT-40's sounds are all thanks to its high-end under-the-hood ingredients. A 12" Celestion speaker drives the sound through the classic black and white grill, but before that, those rich, high gain tones are shaped by the tubes. Blackstar has outfitted the HT-40 with two ECC 83 and two EL34 tubes to give the amp a default British voicing that can not only handle high gain, but encourages it.

Features: -40 watts power
- Two ECC83 tubes
- Two EL34 tubes
- Clean and overdrive channels each with individual voice switch
- Master volume
- Celestion 12" speaker
- Digital reverb with dark/light switch
- Speaker emulated output
- Effects loop
- Footswitch, amp stand, and cable included

Take an epic journey into the deeper stages of gain with the Blackstar HT-40 ( 

Second-hand, in good condition with some very minor cosmetic wear as shown in photos. 

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