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Basso Ecostrap Vegan Leather Guitar Strap (Assorted Colours)

Basso Ecostrap Vegan Leather Guitar Strap (Assorted Colours)

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Basso Straps annouce the world's first Eco-friendly Guitar Strap called "The Basso Ecostrap" 

The straps are 6.0 cm wide and varying in length from 100cm to 145 cm with Buffallo Print. Not foam padded.

This unique new patented material is so close to the look of leather that it is hard to tell the difference, and much more economical and environmentally friendly. The straps are 100% made from a non-animal raw material laminated synthetic, 100% Phthalate Free, 100% Hydrolysis Free and 100% Recyclable.

This unique new patented material is much more economical and environmentally friendly.

In addition, the material is also 100% recyclable, meaning that after the end of the product life cycle which averages about 15 years, the material can be re-ground and recycled into a new material. This technology was developed based on the latest generation of phthalate-free PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).

PVC is widely used in construction (pipes, fittings, wires, etc.), packaging materials (food protective films, jars for various uses, mineral water bottles, hygiene and cleaning materials, etc.), as well as in the shoe industry. Get to know some more characteristics of this material:

  • Resistant to the action of fungi, bacteria, insects and rodents;
  • Resistant to most chemical reagents;
  • Good thermal, electrical and acoustic insulation;
  • Solid and shock resistant; Impervious to gases and liquids;
  • Weather resistant (sun, rain, wind and sea air);
  • Durable: Its useful life in buildings is over 50 years;
  • Does not spread flames;
  • Versatile and environmentally friendly;
  • Recyclable and recycled;
  • Made with low power consumption.

Basso Straps is committed to developing year after year products that are increasingly environmentally friendly and have a long service life that can be recycled at the end of their cycle.

On average, a Basso Strap lasts over 10 years if well maintained and under normal use.

Available in Black and Brown.   

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