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Artist AT91V2 Tele w/ Twangler Pickups

Artist AT91V2 Tele w/ Twangler Pickups

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Artist AT91V2 Tele Style Electric Guitar w/ Twangler Pickups. Customised pickguard from black to electric blue, and upgraded decorative gold bridge and control plates.

Based on the ever-popular Artist TC59 model, this updated model features several upgrades. Combining classic looks with contemporary modern features, the AT91V2 takes all the best bits from this style of guitar and brings them forward into the modern era. Specifically, the belly-cut and arm contour on the body, which help with ergonomics and also reduces the weight of the guitar quite significantly. The AT91V2 comes equipped with our very own Artist Twangler single-coils for the bright, spanky tones you might expect from a guitar of this style, with the bone nut, locking tuners and a modern 6-saddle bridge providing ultimate tuning stability and allowing you to intonate this guitar very accurately. The body is made from AA Grade American Ash, with swimming pool routing beneath the pickguard making this a highly mod-able instrument! The AT91 has a satin Maple neck in a C-shape profile with black dot inlays and a skunk-stripe on the rear. This guitar has a two-way truss rod and the 25.5” scale length you’d expect from this style, and the improved wiring and 250K pots make this very responsive under the fingers - perfect for everything from country twang to rock! (

Second-hand, in good condition, some cosmetic wear as shown in photos.

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