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AKAI Headrush E1 Digital Echo/Delay/Loop

AKAI Headrush E1 Digital Echo/Delay/Loop

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The Headrush has 3 different modes: Tape Echo, Normal Delay, and Looping Rec.

The Normal Delay setting works just like a normal delay, with controls for tone and feedback as well as a tap-tempo. It also has two independent speed controls ranging from 0.5ms to 1.45s.

The Looper offers up to 24 seconds of recording playback per layer.

The magic really lies in the Tape Echo mode however, with control over the four "heads". Along with the controls included in the Normal Delay mode, you're able to adjust the gap between the "heads". Independent outputs for each "head" offer infinite processing possibilities.

Second-hand, in good condition with some minor cosmetic wear. No original box or power supply included. 

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