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1969 Fender Jaguar

1969 Fender Jaguar

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This all original 1969 Jaguar has been unmodified and comes with all it's original hardware. It was played thoroughly for the first twenty years of its life and now it has been sitting in a case for the last thirty years waiting for a new owner. Also includes the original Australian made fender leather hard case. 

It’s hard to stay unbiased when you get to play a last year original production Fender Jaguar but this guitar just sounds great, a lot of clarity and note definition when you play chords even with a bit of drive. The bridge pickup has a fair bit of bite to it while the neck has a nice rounded tone system. Not to mention the rhythm circuit where you can get some unique sounds out of this guitar as well.

This is a second-hand, vintage guitar with cosmetic wear all over as shown in photos.

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