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Voodoo Lab Tremolo

Voodoo Lab Tremolo

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The Voodoo Lab Tremolo captures the velvety and alluring sound reminiscent of a classic tube amplifier's tremolo. This effect is achieved through the implementation of an identical lamp and photocell arrangement, akin to those employed in renowned vintage amplifiers.

The controls for speed and intensity offer a broad spectrum, encompassing gradual and profound oscillations. Accompanied by a volume adjustment, this permits fine-tuning of the output level, enabling you to either attenuate or amplify it.

What makes the Voodoo Lab Tremolo guitar pedal unique is its ability to replicate the rich sound of vintage tube amp tremolos. It uses special components like those in classic amps for this sound. One special feature is the slope control, which lets you adjust the tremolo from a calm wave to a rhythmic "machine-gun" effect. Speed and intensity controls offer a wide range of sounds. You can also adjust the volume. This pedal adds warm and transformative tremolo textures to your guitar sound, making it really versatile.

Secondhand, in great condition. 

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