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Mooer ReEcho

Mooer ReEcho

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The Mooer ReEcho offers big effects in a little box. This compact footswitch pedal with a full metal shell might look unassuming, but brings a ton of tone to the party. The Reecho has three delay modes, Analog; which creates a full, warm echo made via classic analog delay equipment, Real Echo; which emulates the sound of a natural echo that would be heard in a real environment, and Tape Echo; which provides smooth, light and spacey echo sounds from a tape delay. You can also control your tone with ‘echo level’ and ‘feedback’ knobs located on the top left and right of the pedal.

The Mooer ReEcho offers impressive variety and quality at an affordable price, is small and compact making it an ideal choice for teeney tiny spaces on pedal boards and easy to store. Mooer doesn’t cut corners on quality, this pedal is fit for warcraft with fully metal casing and good quality knobs. Unlike some pedals in the same price point, the Reecho is well worth your time and money. It’s also an ideal choice for anyone experimenting with reverb effects who might not want to break the bank on an uber expensive pedal just to experiment with. It has a unique sound to it, serene and spacious.

The Reecho is best suited for plenty of genres with pretty much no limitations. Notable genre mentions are Metal, Pop, Alternative, Folk, Jazz, Orchestra, and all types of Rock.This pedal has been used by Rob Scallon, J Mascis, and Dylan Carson (as well as plenty more).

A simple and compact ReEcho. With three different delay modes to simulate classic echo tones. (Analog, Real Echo and Tape Echo) Three customizable knobs to control the Echo level, Time of the echo and Feedback from the echo. This is a great pedal for anyone who's looking to get a versatile, compact and well built delay at a reasonable price.

Secondhand with some minor cosmetic imperfections. 

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