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Klotz KIK Series Straight End Instrument Cable (Assorted Sizes/Colours)

Klotz KIK Series Straight End Instrument Cable (Assorted Sizes/Colours)

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Get a KIK with Klotz - supreme quality guitar leads that are sure to stand out from the crowd.

KLOTZ Cables' KIK range of instrument cables for guitar and keyboard are renowned for their high quality at a budget price. Their unique design features a combined soldered and crimped conductor connection, custom developed by KLOTZ cables, which is virtually indestructible. KIK connectors are supplied in gold-tipped versions for maximum service life.

Klotz KIK series straight end mono instrument cable with 1/4" nickel plated connectors

  • Great value cable that's easy to use and sounds great
  • reliable and great to handle
  • effective spiral shield
  • warm, rich sound
  • extra-strong strain relief (> 200 Nm)
  • ultra flexible

Available in 3.0m (approx. 10ft) and 6.0m (approx. 20ft) in red, blue and black (plus black gold tip in 3m).

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